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Verlen Kruger paddled more than four times the distance around the earth! This humble adventurer held many canoeing records, including Guinness World records, many that will remain unchallenged for years to come.


This new biography of Verlen Kruger shows both his triumph and his pain.

By Larry Rice - October 2006

You don't have to be a marathon canoeist to relish this fascinating tribute to the late, great Verlen Kruger, one of the most extraordinary paddlers who ever lived. Phil Peterson Sr.'s All Things Are Possible: The Verlen Kruger Story presents a sweeping, finely detailed treatise on the life and loves of this sharecropper's son turned mythic canoeist, whose courage and compulsions drove him to achieve near superhuman feats. read more

All Things Are Possible

By Reinhard Zollitsch - April 2007

I had been keeping track of Verlen Kruger's long-distance endurance canoe trips and other accomplishments for a long time, but especially since I bought my own SEA WIND sea canoe (hull # 61) from him exactly ten years ago (in Spring 1997). So asking me to review the first big biography on Verlen's life may turn out to be a tad biased. But so is the author Phil Peterson Sr, being an old friend of Verlen's, paddling a SEA WIND only slightly newer than mine. But so be it - at least we both know from first hand boating experiences in a "Verlen Kruger Special" what Verlen accomplished. Phil also knew Verlen personally quite well from their 2002 Yukon River trip and other joint ventures, and was hand-picked by the old master to write his biography. read more

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